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The sweetest guy you'll ever know, who is always high.
Jakeb is amazing.
by lydiabracy May 23, 2010
Jakeb is a term people use to describe someone with a big forehead and wide chin...
Like OMG, your head looks like a Jakeb, yuck
by Chubbybrokelyf May 18, 2014
Jakeb's usually have little to no social skills, they usually don't understand the difference between what's right and what's wrong and they usually only think about themselves
Stop been such a Jakeb
by Chubbybrokelyf May 18, 2014
A mummy's boy. is nice at first but that's very deceiving. will back stab you, use you and lie to you. will turn it around and make it your fault, always. tries to make you jealous, and can be a real ass. thinks he is king shit and good at everything.
don't even go there, he seems like a real Jakeb.
by morrie121 July 24, 2010

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