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A girl who usually has brown eyes and Dark brown Hair. Very pretty. Crazy, Hyper,Funny, Random,Big boobs. Usually is skater or emo. Jailene is a spanish girl name. In spanish it is said like Hailene.
Yo the Jailene over there is sexy and shes spanish hot.-Harry
Word I know look at thoses boobs-Ben
by girlwhoknowsxoxo86 August 03, 2009
Jailene is a bright girl who loves to smile. She has a very bright personality and everyone loves her. She doesn't have no haters because she has a positive attitude. Jailene is the sexiest chick in the world, she's very hyper and crazy and that's what everyone loves about her. All the boys love her because she is very friendly and kind. Jailene is very caring and loving and always watches out for her family and friends. Jailene is beautiful, she has long brown hair and brown eyes, and has deep dimples. She knows how to make people happy when they are in a negative mood. Jailene is very athletic, she loves to play sports and is very competive. BUT, she can't stand DRAMA!! Jailene is a very happy and bright girl too be dealing with drama. Jailene is puerto rican, that's why she is so Cute. She has a very bright personality that stands out to everyone. Jailene adores her friends and family and would anything to keep them happy and safe. Jailene is the sun that comes out everyday, the flowers that bloom every summer, and the smiles that come out on everyone's face. Jailene is very smart, she might act dumb but thats only because she is fooling around. Jailene has a good education and because of that she has a lot of doors open for her.
Jailene is so sexy, LOOK AT HER! She is puerto rican yo....I want her!!
by Jailene or Jaja November 29, 2013
Jye's girlfriend on
Jailene is Jye's girlfriend
by DefinitelyNotJack June 30, 2009
A chick from who is underage and therefore jailbait. Clue is in the name.
by DefinitelyNotJack June 30, 2009

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