Jägermeister ("hunt master") is a German bitter liqueur that is a complex blend of 56 herbs, fruits and spices. It should be served icy cold to tame its assertive herbal flavor.

Also see Jagermeister
Jäger gets you fucked up all nice like
by KingTT February 05, 2004
1. Truth serum.
2. Snitch revealer.
3. Emotion releaser.
Mickel'el drank half the bottle of Jagermeister then he almost killed his mama.
by Dahn April 14, 2008
a wonderful intoxicant of which you can't taste its strength. the beauty of jager is its licorice taste which lets you drink way more than you should.
Jagermeister does not need to bo mixed fuck jager bombs just pull the bottle or take shots
by >*^bUtTe_OrIgInAl^*< January 14, 2008
Truth serum.

Used for social, corporate or government intelligence gathering.
We suspected John was siphoning off contract fees and after a few jagermeisters he provided the nails for his own coffin.

After a few jagermeisters the nuclear physicist agreed to trade three magic beans for the eighty megaton weapon.
by brokenegg December 04, 2006
the best damn booze on the planet. Tastes great even late, and fucks you up the next day. Here Here to Jager Cheer!
I drank a bottle of Jagermeister last night, Damn i was fucked up the next day, puked till 4 o'clock!
by Christopher Cormier July 01, 2006
You know how in a fairy tale there's always a potion that makes a princess fall asleep, then the guys start kissing her? Well this is like that, except you don't wake up in a castle, you wake up in a frat house with a bad reputation.
I was at the Pike house last night and had some Jagermeister. Next thing I know I'm naked in the bathroom throwing up.
by Master Hunter January 27, 2013
a black-licorice-tasting liquor that when digested in mass quantity gives you far to much confidence and can make you: A] take over playing for the "scary" organ-playing vampire in the haunted house AND B] and allow you to take great pride in the fact that you found the public restroom and made it back to your original location.
I had half a bottle of jägermeister, this haunted house is so lame....oooooo scary. Oh, crap, where is the bathroom? I'll find it, I'll be right back.
by lulewd November 17, 2007
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