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The Couple name of Jaejoong and Changmin of the Korean boyband DBSK.

The word is a combination of the ‘Jae’ in (Jae)joong and the ‘min’ in Chang(min).

In couple names the dominant partner is usually placed at the beginning of the name. However, for the Jaemin couple the name order does not necessarily indicated the dominant partner.

This couple is also known as the ‘Soul Fighter’ couple.
Have you noticed that the one touch love between the Jaemin couple has gotten more violent? They must be so close! ^_^
by Hoshiko_Malfoy July 14, 2008
An ugly mineral used to hit bugs that are later used for food.
Be sure to use that jaemin to kill our food.
by Denelle December 02, 2007
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