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crazy as fuck,loud, and has a keen interest in experimenting with everything, including, but not limited to, sexual orientation, drug and alchohal use, and strange uses of food.
Man that girl dancing on the bar is being a total jadyn.

"hey, you wanna try this?"
"sure, why not? i'm feeling like a jadyn right now"
by whiteballz June 28, 2009
A girls name formed by combining the name Jade: a precious ornamental rock that stands for wisdom, beauty, and grace, and the name Jayson: greek for the goddess of healing.

All girls named Jadyn are rock stars who are extremely likeable and easy going.

Alternate spellings: jaden, jayden, jadon, jadin
I wish I was a Jadyn...
There's only one Jadyn and you're not her!
That girl Jadyn is dope!
by mommaB February 07, 2014
An extremely attractive male, VERY funny, fun to be around with, sporty, pretty chill, a great friend, and is usually the boss in his posse. A Jadyn is AMAZING in bed and has a 11'' cock. He can win the heart of any chick wants even if hes not into them. Jadyn's love to troll around with their friends the occasional prank comes around. Besides that, a Jadyn is probably the coolest person IN THE WORLD, Totally equal with Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, and flaming Ninja's. If you dont know one; your defiantly missing out.
Oh man, Jadyn is sooo awesome! I LOVE HIM!
by shoopdawhoop217 November 07, 2011