crazy as fuck,loud, and has a keen interest in experimenting with everything, including, but not limited to, sexual orientation, drug and alchohal use, and strange uses of food.
Man that girl dancing on the bar is being a total jadyn.

"hey, you wanna try this?"
"sure, why not? i'm feeling like a jadyn right now"
by whiteballz June 28, 2009
Top Definition
A girls name formed by combining the name Jade: a precious ornamental rock that stands for wisdom, beauty, and grace, and the name Jayson: greek for the goddess of healing.

All girls named Jadyn are rock stars who are extremely likeable and easy going.

Alternate spellings: jaden, jayden, jadon, jadin
I wish I was a Jadyn...
There's only one Jadyn and you're not her!
That girl Jadyn is dope!
by mommaB February 07, 2014
Beautiful brunette that everyone falls in love with. Dope ass beauty queen. Hilarious, athletic, talented, awesome, swaggy, ability to make anyone smile, and these AMAZING eyes that just make you in a trance whenever you look at her. Gonna marry someone? Marry a Jadyn. Jadyn is that cute gurl you just want to grab and kiss. Wonderful personality and great sense of humor. And not to mention those bball skills damn it's hot. Nothing can dull that sparkle in her eyes. She's so funny and happy- life of the party. She's so smart to. Anyway she is the gurl everyone wants and wants to be
"No one compares to Jadyn"
"Jadyn is so hot"
"There's only one Jadyn and your not her"
"I wish I was Jadyn"
"That gurl Jadyn has swag"
"Wow that gurl Jadyn could be Miss Universe"
by JasonMarellsXXX88 September 30, 2014
A beautiful girl who loves to laugh and to make others laugh too. She is very trustworthy and honest. Even though sometimes she can be shy, she will put herself out there and always make an effort. Does not care what other people think of her. Not afraid to speak her mind. Artistic, athletic, funny, happy, outgoing, kind. Loves people who make her laugh. A bit of a dare devil and is not scared. Don't be afraid to go and talk to her. Small with blue/green eyes. Great friend and keeps them close. Best girl you could love and will love you back for you.
Friend #1 : *smiles at girl*
Friend #2 : "Go talk to her! She's a total Jadyn!"
by Bob #4 January 13, 2015
An extremely attractive male, VERY funny, fun to be around with, sporty, pretty chill, a great friend, and is usually the boss in his posse. A Jadyn is AMAZING in bed and has a 11'' cock. He can win the heart of any chick wants even if hes not into them. Jadyn's love to troll around with their friends the occasional prank comes around. Besides that, a Jadyn is probably the coolest person IN THE WORLD, Totally equal with Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, and flaming Ninja's. If you dont know one; your defiantly missing out.
Oh man, Jadyn is sooo awesome! I LOVE HIM!
by shoopdawhoop217 November 07, 2011
An unattractive girl with tiny boobs. Will not hesitate to stuff her bra before a date or flirt with your man. Pathetic chica who thinks she's an amazing girl or as she would usually describe herself as a "tumblr girl" listens to G-eazy and other shitty musicians. Swears to God shes a Christian while simultaneously wiping jizz off the sides of her mouth. Also will develop a crush on your female friends if she's around them long enough.
Girl: did you hear about that hoe jadyn?
Girl2:no what happened??
Girl:she fucking has a crush on her COUSIN!!!
Girl2: ewe that hoe nasty!!!!
by Tiffanywoods January 02, 2015
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