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To walk back & forth past a camera,door, window,etc
Person 1: why were you jacobing past that news camera

Person 2: because I just got on tv 14 times
by Sh'Dynasty October 01, 2013
Part of speech: verb. To disappear suddenly and unannounced from a social event, often to the annoyance of others. After disappearing, the person does not return.
Person A:Wow he still hasn't returned, I think he's Jacobing.

Person B:I wouldn't even be annoyed if he just told us he was going and didn't just leave us hanging like that.
by A Nagger December 26, 2013
Annoying, asinine, having less mentality than a 2 year old, making a ferrit look smart.
Quit jacobing, its really immature.
by Athena1ynn November 04, 2013
1. A name given to the action of indirectly asking or suggesting somthing.

1. Jacob: Man, that ceareal looks mighty delicious....
Joe: Are you Jacobing me?
Jacob: Yeah...
Joe: Would you like some cereal?
Jacob: Yeah....

2. Jacob: So, heard that movie was pretty good....
Jill: Did you just jacob me?
Jacob: Yeah....
Jill: Would you like to go watch this movie?
Jacob: Yes Please....
by Wilburt July 10, 2006
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