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To embarassingly sabatoge one's own chance at success moments before acheivement by becoming overly confident and showing off. Derived from U.S. snowboarder Lindsay Jacobellis' tumble at the 2006 Olympics.
Jimmy pulled a major Jacobellis the other day. He was almost at the finish line for the 400 meter, then he started dancing, and tripped. The other runners stepped on him, and he came in last. Poor Jimmy.
by WestCoastLisa February 19, 2006
Deservedly losing a competition by showing off before actually completing the race.
He was way in front of me by a mile and a half, then I got lucky when he pulled off a Jacobellis.
by Jiufu February 18, 2006
Pronunciation: JAKE-uh-BELL-is

Function: Verb

Dates: 2006, 2010

1. To cost oneself athletic glory and sentence oneself to a lifetime of smarmy people using surname as a verb, esp. through youthfully hubristic hot-dogging.

2. To spin out and end an Olympic Games in disappointment.

Synonyms: Van de Velde.
duh............ not again................ you Jacobellis....................
by XR4ti February 17, 2010
To show off unnecessarily when you have succeeded in completing a task, only to screw up whn showing off and end up failing. Miserably.
Lindsay pulled a jacobellis when she won the silver medal instead of the gold in that snowboard race.
by fuzzy510 February 21, 2006
(Verb) To lose in the face of certain victory because you were showing off.
"He could have had a promotion too, but he really jacobellised when his boss caught him bragging about his raise."
by New York Tootie February 18, 2006
to attempt to show off and completely fuck yourself over. as seen when Lindsay Jacobellis threw away a gold meal in boardercross by trying to grab method off the last jump.
fuck dude, he had it until he decided to pull a jacobellis
by pete_stock February 27, 2006
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