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Absolutle cutest fictitious boy in the world by far. A character in the Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison, Dave the Laugh is a witty lad with an edgy sense of humor.
Dave the laugh got in trouble for putting a "For Sale" sign on his school.
#louise rennison #georgia nicolson #british literature #lads #dave the l.
by WestCoastLisa January 26, 2006
To embarassingly sabatoge one's own chance at success moments before acheivement by becoming overly confident and showing off. Derived from U.S. snowboarder Lindsay Jacobellis' tumble at the 2006 Olympics.
Jimmy pulled a major Jacobellis the other day. He was almost at the finish line for the 400 meter, then he started dancing, and tripped. The other runners stepped on him, and he came in last. Poor Jimmy.
#showboat #olympics #sports #cocky #wipeout
by WestCoastLisa February 19, 2006
Vagina; Possibly inspired by the alleged resmblance between a pussy and an oyster. This term, along with several others, was popularized by the Bloodhound Gang song, "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo" (F-U-C-K in Phoenetics).
*Not a term one would use in serious conversation
"Cattle prod the oyster ditch with the lap rocket" -"Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo"
Jack: Did you do her up the ass?
Marc: no, but she let me have some of the oyster ditch
#pussy #cunt #vagina #pink #oyster
by WestCoastLisa January 03, 2006
That odd thing that boys do when they want to cry, but feel like they cannot becuase they are boys. They sort of turn away and pretend to be tired, or have something in their eye, or be rubbing out a headache. It's both sad and a bit funny to watch. Sometimes it works to get sympathy, tho they ussually do not intend this.
I was upset and had a serious conversation with my boyfriend, Jake. I told him that he has no direction in his life. I realized I was being too harsh when he started boy crying. It was very sad.

Sam got hit in the nuts with a baseball, and he started boy crying as he ran away.
#crying #sobbing #whining #whimpering #sympathy
by WestCoastLisa January 10, 2006
When you have headphones (often ipod headphones) in your ears, and they unexpectedly get yanked out, causing shock, trauma, and disorientaion for a breif moment. Not a pleasant experience.
I was walking down the hall, and my headphones got caught on a door handle and yanked out. I was like "Oh my God, headphone malfunction!"
#ipod #i-pod #headphones #technology #disaster #head phone malfunction
by WestCoastLisa June 10, 2006
(K`yoo-tih-full) Common alternate spelling of cutiful. A person who is cute, with a beautiful personality. Often innocent and widley liked by peers.
Sam took Britney to a carnival for Valentines Day. They are so cuteiful.
Jenifer started crying when she saw the guy she liked hook up with another girl. It would have been annoying except that she is undeniabley cuteiful.
#cutiful #cute #adoriful #adoraful #annoying
by WestCoastLisa January 22, 2006
Large out door mall in Pasadena, Ca. The stores are aimed at conservative women married to rich attorneys, but Paseo tends to be crawling with their sons and daughters instead- ussually free spirited scene kids chillin' and wearing awesome pants (from urban outfitters). That's pasadena for you.
Mr. and Mrs. Madison just dropped Laura off at paseo in their Lexus. Laura is wearing tight pants and vitage jewelry as she chills and pretends not to know her parents.
#pasadena #scene #emo #old town #paseo colorado
by WestCoastLisa January 26, 2006
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