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An expansion team in 1995, the Jaguars quickly became a dominant team behind quarterback Mark Brunell, receiver Jimmy Smith, and a great defense. From 1996-99, the team had 4 straight playoff berths, going 14-2 with the league's best record in in '99. However, during that season, they lost both of their games to the Tennessee Titans, and again lost to the Titans in the playoffs, costing Jacksonville a trip to the Super Bowl. After some poor seasons, the Jaguars again built a hard nosed team and made the playoffs in 2005.
"The Jacksonville Jaguars have defeated the Dolphins 62-7, the most lopsided victory in playoff history."
by Sports Info July 06, 2006
One of the best franchise records ever. Will turn this around.
Set a record 62-7 victory over the Dolphins. will turn around the 1-5 start.
by Nick Marino October 22, 2003
'95 expansion team who made the playoffs from '96-99, but suck now
The Jags went 14-2 in '99, losing both games to the Titans and losing to them again in the playoffs
by 0000 March 23, 2004