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The mental state one feels, or is in, when going long periods without sleep.

Based on Jackson Brownes hit 1977 Running on empty... stats to follow:

Released December 6, 1977 on Asylum Records (6E 113)
(RIAA Certified Gold on 12/28/77 and Platinum on 8/25/78)
(RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum on 12/12/97. 5 Million Sold)
(RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum again on 9/6/01 for 7 Million Sold)
Whew man, I'm a little Jackson Browne today... I need to catch some shut eye.

Question: How do you do it? You work all day and party all night...

Response: Jackson Browne man, Jackson Browne...
by Monica Smothers September 07, 2007
a small band that sang songs like "running on empty" or "doctor my eyes". Also, they were popular more on the west coast rather than the east.
My surfer pals and I surfed to Jackson Browne until 3 of us got killed at a clam bake.
by Charles Edmunting Bates III July 07, 2006
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