the motion in which the male organ is erected and played with by the male or female
sabrina was jacking me off before we had wild sex
To move your hand up and down your shaft or in and out your vigina (see masturbate)
I am jacking-off
by JP & MK March 08, 2003
for a male to rub his hand up and down on his dick
i just rubbed my hand up and down on my dick
by sexybitch101 November 22, 2003
Look at porn and rub your dick because you cant actually get any real pussy.
Zach cant get sex so he went to "jack off"
by hambone_shs94 July 29, 2009
a person who was not worth being born, an asshole, a person who should have been a blow-job.
That jack-off owes me money.
by blade January 09, 2004
when someone playz with themself for guyz rubbing there hand up and down their cock a gurl might finger her self
he felt lonely so he began to jack-off
by -=13=- July 03, 2003
Yo momma do!!! OOOHHHHHHWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!
I'm really sorry I said that. Your mom is a great lady who loves your faggy-ass dad a lot.
by AdamH April 13, 2005

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