moving the hand up and down the penis to create an orgasm
your mom loves to jack me off
by crapman August 22, 2003
to masturbate; a jerk; an asshole; Dale Ross; one who manipulates; brainwasher; penis
That jack-off just served you with court papers.
by pissedasfuk April 19, 2009
When A Guy Holds His Dick And Rubs His Hand Up And Down Getting Faster Until It Feels Good And He Sperms.
Sence Vishal is so fat and ugly, and he doesnt get any girls. He jack-off in the corner
by VishalIsGay June 04, 2007
Something preeteen boys do to feel the sensation of some real sex
Jack off, what people do while looking at porn
by ucantcme November 05, 2014
to grad the base of the penis and slowly pull to the tip repeatably till you orgasm.
nick: how the date man? john: bad she didnt show i had to jackoff all last night. nick:oh.
by zsadist 28 May 02, 2011
A person who prevents everyone around them from discussing the finale of "Lost" because they haven't watched it yet. The prefix "Jack" comes from the first name of the candidate Jack Shephard. The suffix "off" refers to the person being a jerk-off.
Co-worker 1: Holy cow! Did you see "Lost" last night!

Co-worker 2: Shhhhh! This Jack-off dvr'd it last night and watched the ball game instead. We'll have to talk about it tomorrow.

Co-worker 1: What a jerk-off!

Co-worker 2: You mean Jack-off.

Co-worker 1: Yeah, whatever.
by mondo270 May 23, 2010
Someone who does not focus at the task at hand and instead messes around. Also can refer to someone who enjoys masturbation.
Today in study hall Johnny was a complete jack-off.
by TheRockstar June 15, 2007

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