if you're under 13: you're not cool enough to know what it means. come back when you wake up and its sticky in your danger zone.

if you're over 13: why the FUCK would you need to look up the definition of "jack off?" did your balls not drop yet?
why the hell would any guy who's hit puberty need to look up what "jack off" means?
#take #health #class #if #you #haven't #already
by un-dumbassify yourself, please January 03, 2010
Jack Off: When a male masturbates.
Fank is going to jack off in his room.
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
To masturbate until the point of ejaculation is reached.
Oh, oh, ho, oh my god, wait.. wait a..., oh OH SHAZAAAM!
by gabe April 21, 2005
When A Guy Holds His Dick And Rubs His Hand Up And Down Getting Faster Until It Feels Good And He Sperms.
My Friend Doesn't Get Any Pussy So He Likes To Jack-Off.
by *JeNnA* May 04, 2004
To masturbate; the stimulation of a male's penis until orgasm is achieved and ejaculation occurs.
Jill didn't want to have sex right now, so Jack decided to jack off.
#masturbate #jerk off #solo sex #choke the chicken #whack off
by Phillip Knowles January 18, 2006
n. A male who "jacks off"; v. to masturbate. adj. Dumbass
n. He's such a jackoff.
v. Don't let me catch you jacking off again.
Adj. That fucking jackoff guy.
by Ben fuckermother August 26, 2003
To grab the hard, erect penis and rub it in a firm motion up and down until it turns red and is towards the point of ejaculation.
I haven't jacked-off in a while. So I'm gonna make up for loss time and jack-off for 18 minutes straight.
by Bentropelex November 23, 2003
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