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n. A mixed drink, well suited for hot summer nights. Essentially, this drink is a Whiskey Sour made with Jack Daniels, with a splash of Drambuie for a hint of honey, and a splash of Grenadine for a nice rosy color. Very tasty!

2 tblsp Jack Daniels
1 tblsp Drambuie
1 dash Grenadine
1/4 cup Sweet and sour mix
1/4 cup Orange juice

Mixing instructions:
Combine all ingredients over ice in a glass.

Steve mixes an excellent Jack Frost.
by Dan Weyandt December 04, 2007
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The spirit embodiment of Winter. Originally from William Joyce's book 'Guardians of Childhood', most are familiar of the movie version of him and his friends from 'Rise of the Guardians'. He's sexy, mischievous, and a tad lonely. Loves children, snow days, and teasing the Easter Bunny.
Mom: Wear your jacket, you don't want Jack Frost nipping at your nose.

Child: Who's Jack Frost?

Mom: Oh, nobody.

Jack: I bring you snow days, and what recognition do I get? Nothing. Nothing at all.
by Clockwork Rain February 20, 2013
n. When a girl sticks a ice cube up your ass while giving you a blow job.
Your mother gives the best jackfrosts.
by dec0de October 26, 2003
A hand job given when the girl's hand is ice cold.
It was 20 degrees out but she still gave me a Jack Frost on that park bench.
by kayjay1 January 07, 2010
A rarely used masterbation technique where one apply's toothpaste to their chosen masterbation hand, creating a "hot-on-cold" effect.
Angus: This weathers been so hot, I've been giving myself Jack Frost's all summer!
Sam: That's disgusting mate.
by Savemebarry August 17, 2013
ejaculating up a female's nose, then smacking said nose.
~Dude, what happened last night?
~I jack-frosted her man
~Yeah, awesome
by famguy619 February 15, 2011
some dank ass buds that have white leaves and red/orange hairs

a strand of really good weed that is named for the color of the nugs
stoner 1: "dude, is that jack frost, or just straight krippie?"

stoner 2: "that firey frost shit man. but killa's slappin another $5 on a sack"
by abeck March 01, 2008
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