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Sort of like Jerry Falwell, but Jack Chick writes comics. Common themes include Catholics, Muslims, and anyone who isn't Jack Chick going to hell. God is a reoccuring character in his comics, depicted as a giant guy with no face who sends people to hell nonstop.

Jack Chick Is anti-catholic, halloween, rock 'n roll, D and D, Muslim, Jew, evolution, and apparently satan. Canada is anti-Jack Chick.

Jack Chick's form of Christianity consists of not going to church, not doing good works, telling people they're going to hell, and believing in Jesus really, really hard.
Ben: Hey, you wanna go worship satan in Canada while listening to Rock 'n Roll on Halloween while playing D and D and practicing the Jewish faith?

Nick: Nah, Jack Chick said not to do that.
by Nick Dietrich July 25, 2007
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