The Quintessential British Preppy Brand

A clothes brand, the british alternative to Abercrombie and Fitch but much more exclusive to those who can afford it. JW has a rock solid, traditional British heritage, inspired by vintage sportswear, beachwear and classic British public school style. It is the epitome of British preppy cool. Customers who are mainly sloanes and preps are unarguably beautiful and sexy. They are the popular guys and girls in class. They are confident and they ooze effortless style. They adore a hedonistic party. And they are ever so, ever so laid back. It is the complete opposite to anything remotely chavvy such as adidias or lonsdale.
Sloane- hey darls, dont you just love my new jack wills trackies

Sloane 2- er yar, theyre far superior to those common adidas ones worn by the peasants.

sloane- how could they wear such cheap rubbish.
by polo_player May 11, 2006
Top Definition
Something that an entire generation wear even though it seems to be no more well made than just about anything else on the high street.jack wills is a horrendous exploitation. People buy a frankly rather ugly £60 hoodie as a status symbol, because they like to pretend they're rich and think they can buy their way into something they're not.
I hope the people buying it soon realise they're wasting their money; you could get something nice for that amount. It's not even remotely interesting; or well made to top everything off.
"omg, it's only £60 for this hoodie that says JACK WILLS! what a BARGAIN"
by unprecendented January 18, 2009
A clothing brand worn almost solely by private school kids in Britain. Very expensive, Britain's answer to Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Only difference is that you have to be rich to afford JW. Generally worn by the pretty, popular types, or the wannabe private school kids.
She must go to a private school, she's wearing a Jack Wills hoody.
by [G i n a]* May 03, 2007
Shit clothing brand with a name on it, worn by kids who everone knows and hates, pretty crap stuff (trackies, hoodies, catalougue includes middle class gap-year pics of posh nobs in camp vans) but it has the name on it so people pay for it. Worn by wannabes, posh kids, people with no sense of style (why else would you need your t-shirt to tell you its cool) usually egotistical, thinks people wo diss jack wills are jealous, too poor or ugly.
"I fucking hate jack wills"
"oh you're just jealous cos youre an ugly peasant!"
by tinyrebellion May 08, 2010
Over-priced British clothing brand, mainly aimed at apparently rich university and private school students more commonly known as Rahs. However, this brand is really only worn by those without the money or style to buy real designer clothes such as Armani, Dior, Ed Hardy etc.
Rah Girl: "Oh Tarquin darling, have you seen the latest Jack Wills handbook, there are some gorgeous trackies in there for only £70!!"

Rah Boy: "I have Henrietta, isn't Jack Wills so wonderful for rich, stylish folk such as us!"

Genuine wealthy person: "If you did have money or style, you would be wearing proper designer clothes, stupid Rahs!"
by Matt Clay June 25, 2009
Clothes that look like a bit Primark menswear rejects but are in fact 37 times the price, worn exclusively by the worst element of real and wannabe yahs (with bizarre and incestuous ideas of what constitutes style). Ironically, many items are similar to the uniform worn by said yahs' number one hate - 'chavs'.
francesca!!!!! sebastian looked sooooooo divine at brekkie today in his jack wills hoodie!!! scrummy!!!! yah!! catch you in rock sweetie!! ciao i'm off to brush my pony babe then off to large it at boujis!!!!

(actual quote from the message board of
by Coldo1 April 26, 2007
A British clothing brand stereotypically made for the 'posh, private school kids'. Similar to Abercrombie & Fitch, except you basically have to be rich to be able to afford more than two pieces of Jack Wills clothing at one go... I myself go to a private school and Jack Wills is quite like the epitome of 'look-here-bitch-I'm-richer-than-you' around here. Luckily, I am not part of that elite group of Jack Willians.
1. Lily: "So, what're you gonna wear to town this Saturday?"

Catherine: "Isn't it obvs? My Jack Wills shirt, pink and blue Jack Wills blazer, Jack Wills jeans, Jack Wills socks, Jack Wills hat, Jack Wills bag, Jack Wills heels..."

Lily: "...Jack Wills don't do heels..."

Catherine: "...... Fuck you, peasant!"

2. Izzy: "I'm thinking of painting my bedroom this week."

Anna: "Oh cool. What colour are you going to paint it?"

Izzy: "I'm gonna do the Jac Wills stripes! They're just so cool! But I have to measure out each stripe, I think they come to about 5cm each?"

Anna: "(obviously scared) Oh... cool?"
by makvcupi April 17, 2011
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