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A rare name at that. Sometimes used when pairing triplets.
(i.e. Jacinth, Jade, Jasper) Which are all fine jems or stones.
In the naming of Jacinth is usually depicts a very beautiful woman.
Hey, that chick is hot.... but not as hot as Jacinth!
by derrick Jagerson March 12, 2010
A 6'7" Orc Warlord trapped in the body of a small yet feisty 4'10.5" Filipino Woman's body. Who lures Fuck boys into her lair under the pretense of "Netflix and Chill", but in reality, it is actually "Netflix and Kill". During Netflix when the Fuck boy tries to make a move she goes into beserker mode and rips both of the Fuck boy's heads off, and then proceeds to kill him. After the Fuck boy is dead she proceeds to have a candle lit dinner with her accomplice who brings the Fuck boys to her after first grilling then seasoning the Fuck boy's dead body.
I'm going to go "Netflix and Chill" with Jacinth tonight.
by MY NAME IGOR January 16, 2016
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