Stands for-Just A Bitch, or Just A Body. A Jab is the kind of girl you hook up with when you aren't looking for a relationship. Using her for "just her body" and not getting emotionally attached, not getting her number, and possibly not even her name. Phrases for hooking up with JAB girls are "you down for a Jab?", "Want to throw some Jabs?" or even just a quick jab on the girls arm will do. If she Jabs back, shits goin' down.
Guy 1. "Ayy whats good bro?"
Guy 2. " Nothin' bro, I just broke up with my girl so I've been out here bangin' JAB girls that I'll never talk to again!"
Guy 1. " Bro, all girls should be JAB girls"
Guy 2. "Amen!"
by Just A Bro April 26, 2012
Top Definition
An irish slang word for breasts
Look at the jabs on her
by Liam August 25, 2003
$100 worth of heroine, a dozen bags
yo, let me get a jab
by skrillakilla July 17, 2005
A short form of the word hijab; a towel-like object the muslims wear.

It can also refer to a person who wears a (hi)jab.
1. Urooj: I just bought a new jab yesterday!

2. Jim: Look at that group of jabs over there!

by Matthew Po December 08, 2008
12 blows (one blow is about .2 of a gram of heroin, which are sold in either small bags or folded up tin foils). One blow is usually $10. A jab is a deal for 12 blows at $100. Sometimes it can be 13 blows for $110.
Yo, can I get a jab?
by syntheticpure October 17, 2005
In boxing/martial arts: a technique done by the foremost bodily weapon (99% of the time, the foremost fist). The strike is linear and the power is not the best stopping technique due to limited displacement of weight in the time executed. It is often a "feeler" technique designed to 'stun', or 'follow up' with another technique (usually the cross-punch).

More power can be mustered with the strike if the hips are stabilized, the shoulders displaced forwards, and the feet grounded from their footwork. This is subject to the art and the user, but a jab can muster more of the body than simply the arm's extension and muscle.

A jab can also be a foot strike with the frontal foot in a sideways stance that "pokes" at the opponent with the intent of fending them off, or causing "stunning" pain to the shin, groin, abdomen, or higher targets. This "foot fencing" is designed to follow up with another technique or to buy time.
"I bashed him with a one-two."
"A one-two?"
"You dummy, the jab-cross! It was the cross that sent him to the dentist, heh!"
by Berginnator August 15, 2006
short for "jabroni" - look it up
you fucking jabs.
by Urizen May 15, 2003
A vaccination, or a straight punch. Direct and to the point. Concise.
"Remember those flu jabs we got as kids?"

"After he told me the truth I jabbed him in the face with my left."
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004

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