Used to describe a sexual act with out saying the entire word. For example: blowJAB and handJAB. Originating in Traverse City, MI.
Dude I hung out with Jessica last night and I totally got a JAB from her.
by Tim From Accounting February 06, 2011
it means just a bit and it can be ironic.
- "you look tired "
- "yea jab ."
by Niikoo July 03, 2009
"jack ass ball sack" - a person who usually acts like a dumbass, douche, tool, a peepee, or a combination of these.example sentence - cameran was being a jabs when he wouldnt bumb out cigs.
keegan hendrix, manny odonel, cameron faulkner, dane thompson, devin carrier, cory brown, cory hall, aaron murray, chad welch = #1 jabs.
by everyonewhoknowsu October 21, 2008
Stands for-Just A Bitch, or Just A Body. A Jab is the kind of girl you hook up with when you aren't looking for a relationship. Using her for "just her body" and not getting emotionally attached, not getting her number, and possibly not even her name. Phrases for hooking up with JAB girls are "you down for a Jab?", "Want to throw some Jabs?" or even just a quick jab on the girls arm will do. If she Jabs back, shits goin' down.
Guy 1. "Ayy whats good bro?"
Guy 2. " Nothin' bro, I just broke up with my girl so I've been out here bangin' JAB girls that I'll never talk to again!"
Guy 1. " Bro, all girls should be JAB girls"
Guy 2. "Amen!"
by Just A Bro April 26, 2012
When a man misses a women's hole and ricochets off of the surrounding area. Common for the alcoholically impaired.

1 Jab is acceptable. 2+ = groan. 3+ out of the bed!
GOD! just get your cock in there already and stop JABBING me!
by b-burns. August 11, 2011
A strange way for people to say "Fuck" when they are referring to sex.
"Hey, Hihi do you want to jab?"

"I want to Jab her in the xxxx!"
by Trogdr July 10, 2008
(J)ust (A)nother (B)itch.
In the end, she's JAB.
by Mike January 07, 2005

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