A way look.... If you look JAB you f*#king look AWESOME!!!!
Girl: I want a boy with a good JABish look

Boy: Here I am

Girl: =)

Boy =)
by Zzenzo Brown July 09, 2010
An Object, usually round and circular with a smooth surface. The object is coated with Jube (Lube for jabs, inspected by the lubrication standards committee). Then the object is firmly placed between the butt cheeks. For newbies a slow sitting motion and/or vulgar thrusting would be adequate. For advance Jabbers (a person who jabs) a fast thrusting should be obtained. Jabbing can be accomplished with a partner and/or couple. Originally developed in Germany by pediatricians for anal cavity health. It was meant to brush your butt like a toothbrush brushes your mouth. When American society heard of this they perverted the technique to obtain self fulfillment.
I got a jab signed by Brad Pit, to bad its covered in my shit.

I have to attend JabberHolics Anonymous because I got addicted when my doctor told me to Jab everyday to keep the doctor away.
by PaPa Deusch June 16, 2010
Jewish-American bull-dyk

a butch lesbian who happens to be Jewish.

This media reference occurs in the stop motion show Rick & Steve-- Dana identifies herself as a JAB.
person#1: who's that dude?
person#2: that's Dana, she's not a dude, she's a Jab: a Jewish-American bulldyke
by Zman89 March 31, 2009
something that doctors or lab techs do to people who are required to do so in the process of finding an "Answer" to their medical whoa's. This process is done with some sort of needle, which can be quite painful and annoying, perhaps leaving track marks up and down the inside of your elbow or inbow
Karen had high blood sugar when she was pregnant, therefore the doctor felt the need to JAB her with a needle to take some of her blood.
by Angie (I love you Karen) March 10, 2006
n./adj./v. -Modification of the word "Job". Generally used mockingly, or jokingly, and in a dirty, sexual or inappropriate way. Impact best taken when used multiple times in a row. Can replace any noun, verb, or adjective (Adjective only if "-by", "-balicious", or other suffix is added.)

word derived from basketball coach's accent, and founded by duke
A: "Yeah dude! We finished the project in 25 minutes and got a B+ on it!
B: "Fuckin right dude! That's a damn good Jab!

A: "Hey Hayden! Look at the way that chick's rack Jabs when she walks!
B: "Unbelievable. I'd Jab her right here and now."

A: "Mrs. Robinson! This pie is Jabtastic!"
B: "Oh, why thank you Timmy! It's such a polite little boy."
by Mr. Jabb May 17, 2006
Simply put, jab or jabbs(pl) is the definition for methamphetamines in urban street locales.
Yo ,gots' any jabbs bro? Naw, I slammed mined already,now i flail!
by Psk May 27, 2005

a definition meaning gay/ homosexual and can be substituded for the word at any time or place(to speak in code)
also can be used as JABBY which is the behavior of, or actions, or even the feeling of a gay person
Aaron is so JAB i swear i saw him giving head head behind McDonalds, but he is noe hallf as JABBY as Brittian...
by dawordspecialist June 24, 2007

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