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The definition of JaXx3h is to PWN j00 all up into tiny pieces.
Ph33r me j00 ghey ch33ters, and if you dont - you fucking should do.
by JaXx3h! July 22, 2003
pr0 cs player
This guy plays with over 100 ping sometimes and still he manages to control the way and amount of people he kills. By far one of the 10 ten players in the world (top 2 UK)
by ArT July 24, 2003
Counter-Strike Cheater
gayest cs cheater ever, he's even crap at cheating - you should see the amount of headshots he gets. :@
by MATRIX | Dracular July 24, 2003
Counter-Strike Player
This is the best Counter-Strike player I have ever seen.
by Bear! July 24, 2003