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Goddess, Royalty, stemming from a family of wealth and service
The Order of Teutonic Knights transferred control of the amber trade to a family of merchants in Dantzig in 1533, the Koehn von Jaski's. This family found the amber trade could be resurrected by selling amber beads to Muslims in the Near East. It was during this period that Armenian traders became important in the amber trade.
by Knowitall2010 January 27, 2010
a worthless "pyle" named zach kidd who is extremley burnt out and likes to sit in jacuzzis with andy meyer and eat pizza other wise just burnt out. You big pyle of burning jaski.
jaski-" shoot man...... i dont know do you need any ....... ssstttuuffffff ?? ssshhhhhhooooootttttttttt i gotta go peace"
by adam loveland March 02, 2004
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