i am no wack rap listener. i can't say ja is the best, but he is not bad either. so what if he was rich or not? he still managed to gain some street cred nevertheless, even if it is a little. the truth is, i like him more now because that stupid has-been 50 cent exposed him as a fake and you people are so pussy, that you post disses at him on this site rather than go to his face personally. i used to like 50 cent, but he is slowly losing his hardcore image. THE MAIN PORBLEM IS, PEOPLE SEEM TO THINK "RAP = STREET CREDIBILITY" not true, honestly, i think more rappers should start out rich, i'm tired of the stereotype. he is unique. he is at least smarter than 50 cent. AND SINCE WHEN IS IT COOL TO COMMIT CRIMES!!! it is ok if he raps about the streets, but not say he is gangsta. and he likes ecstacy!!! even 50 cannot fuck with MURDER INC. (he got his lil ass stabbed!!!)
fuck 50, ja rule is better
by dsssgfhdgsfhghgfdljd;hg August 24, 2005
A nigga that gets to much shit. Hes rich as shit so he must be doin sumthin rite. you dont like him cause hes beefin with niggas you dont even no who dont giv a fuck about you or think about you. say that niggas wack n just cause he didnt live n a crack house dont mean he aint gangster loook at all these gangstter rappers n look at how there liven n the only true thugs was the mob n them n inggas wernt broke so stop bein bitches
i dunno but fuck ja rule n fuck people that wanna talk shit about him
by mike2 March 04, 2005
1.)A has-been rapper with no talent left to give(as if he had any to begin with). He has the ugliest, off-key voice ever. A wanna-be hardcore rapper. 2.)A wanna-be tough kid.
1.)Tupac would fuck Ja up real bad.
2.)"Ja rule say holla!"- ja rule
3.) We beat up that ja rule today.
by bgrh June 06, 2004
Aww my guts are killin me, i think i've gotta take a Ja Rule
by Wise Man November 20, 2003
One of dem flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz
I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!!!!!
by Marcjon78 September 07, 2003
bitch ass mutha fucker who got no talent
trying to be gangsta. nigga need to stick with his mcdonalds commercial rap
pussy ass mutha fucker who fuck other niggaz in the ass. just like a fag
by trey g January 02, 2004
See: Wanksta, Gay, Faggot, Dog Shit, Underwear Stain.
Fake rapper who thinks hes hard cause he was in Fast and the Furious. Cant rap for shit and cant even start a song with ashanti but its known why because he is gay and ashanti wouldnt go for him.
1)Man, youre such a ja rule.(faggot)
2)FUCK, i stepped in ja rule.(dog shit)
3)See that guy? hes a ja rule cause hes a wanksta.(wanksta)
by Anonymous22 June 28, 2005

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