An insult to hip hop.A wannabe thug that thinks he's all hardcore. Can this guy say one sentence without sayin HOLLA at the end of it? No.
Ja Rule: Murder Inc. y'all! i r da ill3st! Holla!!!!!!!!!!!!
Onlooker: Shut up, you bizzatch. kplzthxbai.
by kplzthxbai August 20, 2003
Rapper from Queens. Everybody loved him, but after 50 cent said something about him..suddenly everyone denies ever liking him. funny how that works.
John: Yo 50 Cent is beefing wit Ja Rule.
Derrick: Oh snap, il go throw out his greatest hits cd.
by Kezman9 November 05, 2006
A rapper who thinks he is tighter than
50. he is the biggest faggot in the world!
Why r u acting like a Ja Rule?
by Manuel March 21, 2005
I think is gonna reign on murder. NOBODY loves mi. O father hug mi. Take a look at ma life. Its getting ugly.

He just chillin. he may be an "has been"
but he's comin
If thats not rap i don't know what it is yall
by kjangs March 15, 2004
greatest compliment u can pay to a gay man
wow queer friend, ur just like ja
by trigger hillmore December 01, 2003
a fake rapper, and a kermit the frog lookin muthafucka.
"Ja Rule Smokes a bag of his weed
And starts imagining things
And he just can't see that he's manically depressed" - Eminem (from the song "Bully")
by yan y July 10, 2008
an REAL example of wanksta shit , an ghetto wannabee
-yo its ja rule shit
by VCR July 21, 2006

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