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Just Take It- use this acronym when someone is getting plowed
Hey I'm beating you 7-0 in FIFA 10, JTI.
by MitchtheButch October 28, 2010
A Volkswagen GTI with a Jetta front end swap. The fenders, hood, bumper, grill, and head lights of a Jetta are swapped in with the that of the GTI's, hence JTI.
guy 1: Oh look, that dub has a Jetta front end swap with blacked out e-codes and a 20th lip!

guy 2: That's called a JTI dug.
by dubber01 April 19, 2009
"Just this individual"
Used to disprove and isolate a general statement made by person.
Used in forum chat.

"Everyone knows the Italians are going to win a game this year!"


"This abbreviation is going to catch on!"
by A magic genie. November 18, 2009

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