Acronym for Just So You Know... Intended to replace FYI. Letters can be said individually, or J-Syk (rhymes with basic).

Invented in Boise, Idaho, 2007.
Just a quick J.S.Y.K., traffic on I-84 is backed up clear to Caldwell.
by thegenoshow March 03, 2011
The "new" FYI. FYI is old school. JSYK (Just So You Know) is a more casual, friendly means of giving your friends and colleagues semi-useful information.
JSYK, it wasn't Roy, it was Isaac.


JSYK, I checked on that thing about Phil Collins and the drowning, and it's totally an Urban Legend.
by Summer January 04, 2006
acronim for Just So You Know. can be used in a smug, sinsere, sarcastic, or normal sense.
( katie ¢¾¢¾ ) says: oh jsyk i quit Facebook.

- Zac - says: oh man i just added u as my friend. :(
by Campbell Vreeland July 06, 2008
JSYK stands for Just So You Know.
My friend says it all the time because she thinks she's chill when she says it because noone else knows what it stands for. Then we have to just say it all out. It's more fun to just leave the person hanging by not telling them what it means.
Guy: Woo, Look at that girl in those shorts! Mmm.
Girl: JSYK, She's a huge slut. She's got babies daddies all around here right now.
by Bones77 June 14, 2007

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