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The "new" FYI. FYI is old school. JSYK (Just So You Know) is a more casual, friendly means of giving your friends and colleagues semi-useful information.
JSYK, it wasn't Roy, it was Isaac.


JSYK, I checked on that thing about Phil Collins and the drowning, and it's totally an Urban Legend.
by IsaacN January 05, 2006
"Just so you know." Excellent for text messaging, MySpace and most importantly, daily dialogue.
Kate: Jsyk, you've gotten fatter over these holidays.
Steph: I eat my feelings okay.
by jsyk, it's Ursula January 07, 2008
Just So You Know
Guy: Hey dude jsyk, i banged your girl last night.
by filiru2pny July 10, 2008
Internet lazy phrase: "Just so you know..." Simply invented to save keystrokes.
jsyk, i rarely stay up past midnight.
by Brian February 19, 2005
is an acronym for the phrase "Just so you know"
JSYK, this martini is delicious
by Cockroach3409 July 13, 2009
acronym for:

Just so you know
btw, that dick picture i sent you is a bit old, i have pubes again jsyk
by lobodomy420 January 21, 2014
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