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Acronym for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, which has the purpose of "motivating young people to become better citizens". It is arguably one of the best programs offered in high school. It is taught by retired army instructors (both enlisted and commissioned). Students who are enrolled in the program are called cadets. The typical weekly schedule for a JROTC program is: Drill and ceremony once a week, physical training once a week, uniform inspection once a week, and academics twice a week. Aside from the minimum standard of attending class, there are also optional teams available for the more involved and dedicated cadets to be a part of which include drill team, raider team, rifle team, color guard, honor guard, etc. JROTC units also attend annual camping trips in the fall, spring, and summer. The class is harder to fail then it is to pass with an A since the book work is relatively easy and limited.
JROTC is horribly portrayed as a war machine used to brain wash high school students by anti-war protesters, claiming that it promotes violence, sexism, racism, etc. they also make false claims that the majority of JROTC cadets enlist in the armed forces upon graduation from high school when, in fact, the lot of them go on to further education and become leaders in the civilian and/or military field.
In my opinion, the only downside to the program is the fact that ANYONE can join it, therefore allowing fuck offs who are only in it to get an "easy A" to make the program look retarded.
Cadet 1: wow, i love JROTC. i dont know what id do without it

Cadet 2: Im just in it to get an easy A

Cadet 1: Go fuck yourself...
by statechamp0809 June 13, 2008
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1.A prgram in high school that teaches leadership and citizen skills.
2.Where you meet the best people in high school and become a family. And experience tons of Drama!

3. Your second home.(Namely where you put all your stuff)
Person 1: Why weren't you in the lunch room?

Person 2: I was in the JROTC Room
by Wilma_x1 July 13, 2008
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A misunderstood class / club in High Schools. Commonly mistaken for either a neo - nazi club or for a bunch of kids who like to play army. When in reality it is an elective to learn skills to help you in military and civilian careers. hooah
Misinformed student: Hey look that kid is in JROTC, he must either be a nazi or like to play army with his little friends.
Informed student: No dickface, he is just tryin to learn some skills... I think the uniform is hot on him.
by A Cadet. January 31, 2005
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Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
Mission is to motivate young people to be better citizens.
If you are in JROTC you will have fun and gain responsibilty and become a better citizen.
by Jane Doe October 06, 2003
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A Kick-ass High school elective that shows you how to do drills, and shows you what its like to be in the military. Most people stereotype, and think everyone in it is a nerd. which is not true.
Prep: OMG JROTC people are soo nerdy like omg eww.
Person: No stfu. dumbass.
by David Orzabackawaskireteskee August 31, 2007
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JROTC is an elective class for high school students who want to learn leadership skills,how to be a better citizen,who are interested in the military,and want to learn other skills that will make them a better person.
Being a JROTC cadet myself I am very tired of seeing "definitions" on here in which someone else calls cadets dorks,because we are not. A cadet,even me-a girl,could kick those people's asses. Being a cadet has not only made me a better person,but it has made me become more mature and stronger physically and mentally.

Oh and by the way,yes-mess with one cadet and you mess with them all!
by integrity_first August 18, 2006
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1. An elective class that you can take in high school. Stands for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. Highly misunderstood. People think that this class is just a gateway for students to go straight into the military after high school. However, this is a class that teaches you important values that you may need in your life. Easily the greatest class offered at some schools. The schedule is usually two days of acedemics, uniform inspection day, a day of drill sequences, and physical training (pt). Usually considered to be a very easy class and the students in the class are just there to have an A in at least one class. Students in JROTC are considered to be cadets, and as their knowledge on things such as flag-folding, proper uniform wear, and other things, as does their rank. There are four different sections to JROTC. There is AFJROTC, which is Air Force, AJROTC which is Army, MCJROTC which is Marine Corps, and NJROTC which is Navy. There are different teams you can belong to through JROTC such as drill team and color guard.

2.The best class ever. People in JROTC are close with each other and their teacher(s).
1. Being a cadet in a JROTC program is a good thing because it teaches you important values.

2.Mess with one cadet, you've got the rest of them, and possibly some former Armed Service men ready to get you.
by Savanna Storm February 05, 2010
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