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A elective in High School with the aim of Motivating Young People to be Better Citizens. Students in it, called Cadets, learn leadership skills and how to be a better citizen, they learn to appreciate the armed forces.

They're are several teams to join in it if desired, Raiders, a physical team, Drill, precision marching team, and Color Guard, a group that presents the American and the state flag at their games. Are a few examples of the team.

They have the option of going to a summer camp where they are treated like in real military, ACU's, barracks, PT, and other things are included.

All around this is a fun class that is great for anyones character, unlike what many people think, they do not recruit you into the military, although if interested the instructor can give advice. It does not train homophobia, racism or sexism.
I am a Army JROTC cadet and love it, I am in Color Guard and Raiders, its a fun class that is shot down to much by haters and morons who think they're bad ass.
by Illstemia October 23, 2009

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