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An acronym standing for John Proctor's Dick, John Proctor a main character in The Crucible is a handsome busty man that any women would definitely want to get with.
Marry Warren: Yo why is Abby always cravin the JPD.
Rebecca Nurse: Because she is a total slut bag, duh.
by Daddycrew November 07, 2012
jerks pricks and derelicts
jaffrey police dept nuff said jpd
by jolt123456789 July 12, 2008
The act of getting shot down from sex, but not verbally, through your date passing out just before sex. Originating from .J.e.n. .P.e.n.n.e.r, must occur prior to both shirt and pants being removed or un-done.
"Dude, I totally got JP'D last night"


"Hey man did you get laid last night?"
"No bro I was so close but, she definately JP'D me!"
by John Slade June 29, 2009
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