Acronym for Jerk Off Instructions. A POV porn niche where the porn girls give explicit and detailed instructions on how to jerk off.
Greg found out that he couldn't stroke to a fulfilling orgasm unless he was watching hot girls in JOI porn.
by August 31, 2010
It mean's "fuck" in Cambodian
Joi! That bitch is crazy!
by Molly March 06, 2005
A cambodian word meaning Fuck
Joi you, mother fucker
by Molly February 25, 2005
just out of interest


J.O.I do you do weed?

hell no! i dont touch that shit!
by swextsista January 01, 2011
A Jack Off Injury

often associated with a person with a cast on his arm

injured for jacking off to much
Man: Aww man, my arm hurts right now
Man 2: So what, is this your fist JOI or what?
by Death Cloud April 28, 2010
Near Death Experiences!!!

Joi - car crashes and shit!
by Vince2theCouch October 15, 2007

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