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Located in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia, James Madison University is the home of some of the best looking, top of the line females. WIth a ratio of 70/30. Girls rule the school here. If you're a beautiful, sexy, well-educated, classy female then you go to JMU. Boys from all over flock here just to enjoy the site of the beautiful girls that they'll find walking around campus, or running down port republic late night, most likely dressed in polos or head to toe in some trendy outfit daddy just bought for her, and thats right after he purchased the beamer or Land Rover she wanted for becoming a sophmore. Parties at JMU are like no other...ONE WORD...BLOCK PARTIES. You know you're school knows how to party when you throw parties so big S.W.A.T teams have to come. The guys here couldn't be happier. Good lookin' guy for good lookin' girls. If you one day find yourself with a chic from JMU consider yourself lucky as a dog because every guy wants a MILF later down the road.
JMU...land of the beautful girls and the hottest parties. Where girls rule and boys come to check out the eye candy everyone's been talking about.
by ILUVJMU February 04, 2005
jo' mama university
Senior year of high school:
"So, have you heard from colleges?"
"Yeah, I got into JMU last night."
"Oh, James Madison University?"
"No, Jo' Mama University."
"I got a degree in anal penetration, with honors, from JMU...Jo' Mama University!"
by Nick D February 25, 2003
Just Missed UVa. For all of those who didn't quite make it to UVa...but a good college none the less.
GUY:"So where do you go to college?"
JMU GUY: "I go to JMU."
GUY: "so you didn't get into UVa...bummer."
by jman October 29, 2004