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The acronym JHP stands for Jacketed Hollow-Point, a variety of ammunition found commonly in handguns and sub-machine guns, in which the round has a "pit" or "dent" in the tip of the round. On contact with target, the pressure on the peet causes lead from the back of the round to blossom out into the front, creating a mushroom shape with a larger soft-tissue damage to round caliber ration. JHP ammunition is forbidden in warfare by the Hague Convention, but is often used in police and personal-defense weapons, because of the lack of tendency for overpenetration, resulting in less chance of civilian casualties.
"Personally, I prefer to use JHP rounds, but have you ever seen a dummy hit with fragmenting ammo? Ouch."
by Wade R. December 21, 2005
When a girl is not yet fat, but has the potential to be so. Jabba the Hut Potential.
Look at the biggest chick over there....she's got pure JHP....
by chefdepartie June 09, 2006
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