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Someone who become sexually aroused and ejaculates immediately upon seeing men, little children with mental disabilities, and/or kids with one tooth and tinted glasses.
JGood was studying for the CPA with a bottle of lube and kleenex when his accounting professor, I. Solomon, walked in, which, in turn, immediately caused Jeff to jizz all over his sweatpants.

JGood was watching Kid Nation in women's underwear, with his 12" Black dildo, when he saw Jared and Alex eating candy in Bonanza City. Jeff proceeded to eat falafel, make his ohhhhh face, and came all over his Noah's bagel and Wall Street Journal (from right to left).
by Waynerrr February 03, 2008
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something very good, excellent, exciting, or interesting.
this is j-good! (as an answer for a question, like: - how is the food?) simply say: "j-good"
by Diego da Cunha Diogo August 26, 2007
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