JFC and abbreviated usually text based version of
"Jesus Fucking Christ"
Jesus Fucking Christ that guys fat!
by Jaarko July 06, 2009
Just Fucking Came also can be used interchangeably Just Fucking Cummed.
Used like this.

Person 1:Man that girl was so fucking hot!
Person2.Yeah god damn,I JFC everywhere!!!
by BubbaTeaBB September 22, 2009
short form for "just fucking chilling"
Dude1: yo dude2 whats going on man?
Dude2: jfc bro....jfc
Dude1: good shit
by lil bizzle July 25, 2005
Acronym for Jesus Fucking Christ
Endo: Dude, Becca fucked another guy today!
Brad: JFC!
by Brad April 23, 2003

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