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(release TBA), JENARIUM, Rise of the new Sun, a cyber/heroic fictional saga is an expansive Mythology, evolving around a star Jenarium (he who is all). Jenarium creates the gods, planets and Numaria, the world in which they live. Of the Gods two fall into iniquity and anger and disdain the ways of Jenarium, and what follows is a sequence of events that take place between the benevolent lords, the fallen overlords, and the children of Jenarium. Rise of the new Sun is a glorious collection of legends that sets an incessant war, hopeless despite all its heroism and glory against the great Ancient enemy.
Jenarium, a powerful and streaming sun.
by Duncan Marks January 07, 2008
A Powerful and Streaming Sun!
From Jenarium, a Powerful and Streaming Sun, the first creations were born, The CHILDREN OF JENARIUM!
by dnoiz October 24, 2007

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