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A word used by Chav's. The end of a Cigarette.
Oi blud, il ave squitzy on ya jebend
by Aidan Anarchy December 28, 2008
10 16
the helmet to the mans soldier..also known as a bel-end
-i h8 my dad sooo such he is such a jebend
-'my uncle alburt is a jew, and he had HIS jebend cut off'
-hiya im holly n i smell of exma
by Ellie Sinclair July 08, 2006
37 52
Part of a ship
'That ship is missing it's Jeb End man...Shit'
by Grolch April 27, 2010
14 35
1. A jeb end is the externalia of the femailia genitalia. Encompassing the fanny flaps, and a little bit extra.
2. Used in any manner whatsoever
What the jeb are you doing?
Your acting like a jeb end!
Stop touching my jeb end!
Jeb off!
Jeb's jebbing jeb's jebs jeb end.
Jeb end's mum.
Your jeb's showing.
by Chris Beesting December 11, 2009
23 47
The last remaining puffs on a cigarette prior to being extinguished.
Give us the jeb end on that ciggie.
by CyberAxe July 10, 2008
29 54
Somebody who has a lot of smeg underneath their foreskin. Can also be used to describe Jeb Bush.
Denton has a right jeb end.
by mSzy1231 May 07, 2006
21 88
1)To have an infatuation, commonly, with a member of the opposite sex, but can however be applied to homosexual relations.
2)Also a humerous way to publicise your friends deepest sectets.
3)Finally, a synonym of errection
Yo everyone! James has a jeb end for Helen!!

Man she's so hot, i sooo feel a jeb end coming on right now.
by Tomborarri September 14, 2006
9 92