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Just Doesn't Look Right

Police Slang/Acronnom
Guy #1: Dude look at guy rubbing that melon.

Guy#2 JDLR man
Officer why did you pull me over?
because something JDLR
by L town hero09 July 26, 2008
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Just Don't Look Right

Shady characters that look like they have a propensity towards criminal activity.
The whole time I was on the look out for JDLRs, and there were plenty. All kinds of shady characters, but none working in pairs, none that fit the description of the fellows little Elsa described.

From Small Time Crooks, by Larry Kovaks, P.I.
by kovakspi February 28, 2009
(Acronym) Pronunciation: Jay-Dee-Ell-Arr

Law Enforcement Term: Meaning: “Just Don’t Look Right.” Indicator of Hybauchery

Two cops see a fight
Cop 1: “What’s going on over there?”
Cop 2: “I don’t know, but it JDLR.”
Cop 1 “Let’s check it out.”
by tksanders3 February 22, 2010
Police term used to abbreviate "just doesn't look right".
A man in a ski mask is walking through someones backyard. We have a J-D-L-R.
by Nitro1B45 July 07, 2012
An ugly girl comes up to you at a bar and says, "Want to buy me a drink?" You say to your friend sitting next to you, "JDLR man, it just doesn't look right"
by EliJM July 25, 2008
Just doesn't look right
Guy 1: dude look at that chick
Guy 2: she has a adams apple that jdlr
by the mooseburger July 24, 2008

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