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(Acronym) Pronunciation: Jay-Dee-Ell-Arr

Law Enforcement Term: Meaning: “Just Don’t Look Right.” Indicator of Hybauchery

Two cops see a fight
Cop 1: “What’s going on over there?”
Cop 2: “I don’t know, but it JDLR.”
Cop 1 “Let’s check it out.”
by tksanders3 February 22, 2010
(Noun) Pronunciation: \hi-ˈ bä -chə-rē,
Law Enforcement Term: performance of an action Illegal in nature. Close cousin of Debauchery. Usually preceded by the indicator “JDLR,” and followed by “Five Copies, Press Hard”

Two cops break up a fight
Cop 1: “Well, what’s going on here?”
Cop 2: “Looks like a truckload of Hybauchery to me”
Cop 1: “Hook ‘em up. Five copies, Press hard.”
by tksanders3 February 22, 2010

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