an iced out gangsta with 50 bitches on each arm and a car with bling blingin pimp-ass rims
those rims r iced out holmes
by joe blow February 15, 2003
JD is a white man that loves black woman. he also loves to drink budlight and play softball 24/7. JD also has a high sex drive and always is in the mood to do it.
Girl: what are you doing tonight?

Boy:im going to go play softball then after get a drink with the guys...so be ready to do it when i get home.

Girl: your such a JD!
by blackmagic4eva June 02, 2010
a man that loves black girls. a JD will always play softball and drink beer. and is always up for getting laid.
girl: what are you doing tonight?

boy: going to play softball and bang that black girl

girl: your such a JD
by blackmagic87 June 02, 2010
a funny sometimes/mostly retarded person
he's acting just like jd
by rotten_cherrys August 01, 2007
When a male homosexual gags so hard on his partner's penis he vomits all over his partner's privates.
"Oh man, I got seriously j'd out on Bourbon Street last night, I bet he still has little chunks of my vomit still stuck in his pubes."
by illeagle August 03, 2006
When an item or person no longer functions as it is meant to. Often used in reference to drinking and it's effects on the body.
"Holly shit, man, I drank so much I'm totally j'd"
"This piece of shit car is j'd"
by Dan Bertrand March 14, 2003
The prefix for the shortened term to masturbate, eliminating the word jerk or jack. (past tense) Can also be used as j-off'd.
"Then what happenned?"
"I j'd off in his sisters underwear drawer then bounced."
by Senor_Toast September 17, 2005

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