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shit hair cut, that has no blade on the sides & 1" blade on top. only flop people get this
yo man i got a bowl cut.
that looks like shit nigga.
by mike james bitch October 14, 2006
1) essentially to steal something and run without being caught.
2) to jack and dash (steal and run)
yo man im so hungry. lets jd some food.
by mike james bitch July 28, 2006
similar to saying "thats dope" or "slick"
yo man sick rims.
Yeye u know!
by mike james bitch October 14, 2006
a dude that abandons your plans consistently, without notice. after repeated occurrences that dude becomes mr. flops.
Yo man wheres that nigga?
Mr. Flops? he's flopping on your ass.
by Mike James Bitch July 19, 2006
brown guy (desi) who flops on you frequently.
Yo man wheres floppinder?
I've been tryna holla at that nigga.
by Mike James Bitch July 19, 2006
Encompasses analysis of DNA, RNA, replication, transcription and translation. Only flop people repeat this.
Yo how was molecular biology dude?
I flopped man, no mastaz!
by mike james bitch October 17, 2006
1) pure science of studying tissues (biology/anatomy). Requires careful analysis. Only a flop would repeat this.
Yo man histology is tough!
Yeah man i hope i passed that exam!
by mike james bitch October 10, 2006
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