Jboog mean fine,sexy,sweet,kind,no one in the world will ever come next to someone like hime his not ever gurl but one gurls man in the world. Who may that be we don't know but we know now his mine.
Jboog is fine and cute and always mine
Holla Playa
by Shay March 01, 2004
Most sexiest boy in B2K no matter what anyone say. I will still love him. Can't be another one. Only one of a kind. No strings atached. All nature being himself every day all day. No hiding he is real no faking he's all REAL!!!!!!
We love him very much!!!!
by Drenna A.k.a boog wifey December 06, 2003
jarell is a good person, smart, and fine as he!! ok i know that all of yall like jarell but do yall even know him like that, i know i dont but i still love him and ne way he is my mannnnnnn ok so start kickin rocks
he is my man ok
by keondra February 21, 2004
Hez fukin off da hook. His hair when it aint shaved iz ffffflyy and damm can he can and damm does he have a body!!Hez every gurlz dream boi i no hez my dream boy!ohhh damm:$
hez hotter then the sun(#)
by flawless_babygurl June 05, 2004
J Boog is the most sexiest, cutest, and gorgeous man in the universe. Like i sais Boog is mine so all yall girlz need to stop sweating him besides we already married.
well anyway im his wife so back off and we will always be in love.
by Khazzmirah January 30, 2004
he is so sexy wit his sexy hair and skin. he is all about me. jboog is my baby. and i will love him 4eva.

finest man in the state
sexy,fine,and all mine
by shay January 30, 2004
J-boog is 1 of the finest negros on the planet
J-boog is mine so backs OFF!!!!!
All yall girs stay back
by C'cat a.k.a J-boog lover March 20, 2004
the hair underneath a males testicles carried on to the anus.
i need to shave my jboogs so shit dont get caught in them.
#stubs #hair #pricklies #peach fuzz #pelo
by babii March 30, 2008
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