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4 definitions by Khazzmirah

the best city.
no wonder it has cream cheese named after it and no wonder it holds the liberty bell cause it is the best.
by Khazzmirah February 20, 2004
746 296
Too much
thats OD
or dont OD on the soda.
by Khazzmirah February 20, 2004
57 36
J Boog is the most sexiest, cutest, and gorgeous man in the universe. Like i sais Boog is mine so all yall girlz need to stop sweating him besides we already married.
well anyway im his wife so back off and we will always be in love.
by Khazzmirah January 30, 2004
14 8
A word of celebration.
Baby we got this Booya!
by Khazzmirah February 20, 2004
36 58