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A ministry based on the "Seven Words of Jesus" at twelve years old... "I must be about my Father's Business." J12, or Jesus |at| Twelve, focues on inspiring kids from 8-12 years of age to have the same attitude of Jesus. J12's motto is "reaching a generation before they need to be rescued."
Are you going to the next J12 Encounter?
by Gregg Johnson September 09, 2006
A man typically from texas who is very well endowed. The penis tends to be 12 inches long, if not larger! Most men who can be called a "J12" tend to get quite faint when erect due to the penis stealing most of the bodies blood. More fortunately though, a J12 is always a hit with the ladies.
Girl 1: Wow i had sex with Shane last night, who'd of known he was a J12. .
Girl 2: Really? Was it good?
Girl 1: It was massive! But he fainted in the middle.
Girl 2: Oh shame, at least you got some decent cock though.
by J1293 April 14, 2011
Car bastard that lives in Maine
J12 loves the cock
by Mark Martel June 12, 2003
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