(also known as Jo Rowling by her loyal fans) One of the most famous writers of our times. Author of the Harry Potter series, the best-selling books of all times (besides the Bible, of course). Although her books are considered "children books" by ignorant muggles, they have become more mature as the protagonist, Harry Potter, gets older.
I want to meet J.K. Rowling so I can ask her dozens of questions.
by GabyGranger October 01, 2006
Used in place of "jk", to denote any previous comment as having been in jest.

Also can be used in conjunction with other harry potter references, where appropriate, as in:
Person A: I thought you were jk rowling!

Person B: No, I was totally being sirius black, I meant what I said!

Person A: Well fuck you... Professor... Sprout!

Person B: lolwut?

(JK rowling and sirius black are the only ones that really work together)
by Zanuel October 06, 2008
Author of the world-dominating Harry Potter books.

Started living off state benefit in a grotty flat with a love child and ended up being richest, best-selling novelist of all time (probably).
J K Rowling
by paul raine May 05, 2004
what you say when you are just kidding and want to acknowledge the amazingness of harry potter.
1: yeah and then I'd totally do your mom
2: dudde.....
1: jkrowling.
by b.prinz December 28, 2011
'jk' is short for joking, kind of like 'lol' in a way, then 'rowling' is rolling on floor laughing (rofl). so together it means im just joking and laughing my head off with the added pun of being j.k rowling the famous author.
"Wow he's really hot"

"Um are you being serious"
"No hahahaha I'm jk rowling you"
by flingo45 November 08, 2013
A phrase used when you wish to trick another into believing that someone (fictional or otherwise) is dead, when they really are not. Derived from the conclusion of Harry Potter's 7th installment, in which the author declares in so many words,

"Hey guys, our Hero is dead!!

...jk I fooled ya'all :)"
Tom: Dude last night your mom had a stroke after I was through with her.
Mike: ...
Tom: Don't worry man! JK Rowling!
by Tomi the Heffa June 21, 2010
Queen of the literary world. Praise her.
J.K. Rowling is the woman who saved my life. I owe her so, so much.
by Potterhead #330203 October 06, 2011
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