1.A Hispanic male that has no sign of having any balls.

2.Someone who fails or doesn't attempt to get with a girl he likes and usually just sits there and looks at the ground blankly.

3. Enjoys Robitussin, feet(preferably big toe), and WOW.
A(person with no balls): I am going to redeem myself today with this hot girl.

B: HAHAHA! No you wont your a J-lag, you have NO BALLS and your just going to sit there,sip Robitussin, and fantasize about feet!
by The real ofazilirk September 08, 2011
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Anybody who is straight up tripping on the household product Robitussin.
Wow, look at that J-lag over there near the empty Robitussin box.
by JigglyjellyrollsBarret October 10, 2011

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