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the name of a small gang responsible for terroizing the city with there good looks and obnoxious charm. also for defacing streets and signs.
"that hoe just kissed my boyfied"
its okay shes from j block
if you say anything she'll kick your @ss!!
"ohh. my bad"
damn straight
by J-breezyy August 05, 2008
Derived from the US prison system, J-Block refers to the housing project building in Fairfield, CT. It is one of the highest crime center in the Northeast and is the home of many notorious Bridgeport and New Haven gang leaders. Drug infested and full of discouraged citizens, J-Block represents one of the aspects of society the media blocks from the public.
Oh shit, you're living in J-Block next year? What happened?
by Slim522 March 29, 2010
The fan group for the tennis player James Blake
The J block is very unenthusiastic now that James Blake is losing.
by Koheran July 10, 2008
The act of being completely awesome and kicking some major ars while defending something that stokes your passion.
Dude. You just totally J-blocked that guy. Daaaammmn hes gunna feel that one in the morning.
by jblizzle October 17, 2009
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