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The ganster rap alias of Proffessor Jim Balfour, most widly known for his hard hitting lyrics about bending moments, laid down on phat beats.

Not to be confused with similar structural ganster J. Schizzle.
Did you hear J. Bizzles freestyle in class the other day?
by J. Schizle April 13, 2008
1 4
A blow job
My flipapaynyo girlfriend is aight. She can't speak English for shit but gives great j bizzle.
by Carly Wild July 16, 2008
42 13
Slang for a jager bomb. Sometimes reduced to "bizzle".
You ready for another J-bizzle yet? I need a pick-me-up.
by SLampy March 06, 2006
31 16
A Joint
Dude, Make that J Bizzle already!
by PThrizzle December 06, 2013
6 0
slang term for a blow job in san francisco
Hey Bruce thanks for the jay-bizzle last night.
by Anonymous May 07, 2003
11 20