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A technique employed by ignorant and/or terrified drivers when merging onto a freeway: instead of accelerating to merge into faster traffic, these drivers actually stop and attempt to cut into oncoming traffic from a complete standstill. The "stop n' merge" is a dangerous maneuver.
I almost got in an accident today because some clown decided to pull a stop n' merge in rush hour traffic.
by SLampy January 06, 2006
An advanced stage of drunkenness in which the drinker has apparently become sober again without having ceased to drink. Usually occurs at the break of dawn.
He's coherent and seemingly lucid now, but prior to rebirth, he was talking complete gibberish and doing faceplants in the driveway.
by SLampy January 07, 2006
state of drunkenness or buzz due to the shampoo effect.
It's gonna be a long day- I've had 2 drinks and I'm already lathered.
by SLampy January 07, 2006
Slang for a jager bomb. Sometimes reduced to "bizzle".
You ready for another J-bizzle yet? I need a pick-me-up.
by SLampy March 06, 2006

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