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Short for It's Academic and is a forum for dorks of all types.

Sidwell Friends has an It's Ac team that is remarkable for having people on it who are so much more normal than all the other fucking cape wearing retards there.

Damn straight bitches.
Person 1: Sidwell Friends has a ROCKIN' it's ac team.
Person 2: Isn't that the one where the captains are a white dude, the asian one, the steriotypical indian one and the token black/cuban one?
Person 1: YEAH! they're totally cool.....
Person 2: And also with those awesome freshman girls? Who are totally hot?
Person 1: Yeah, I'm turned on by a girl who knows shit about taq polymerase, feromagnetism, English monarchs and Faulkner.
by Jane Grey April 01, 2005

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